Agama Academy aims at providing internet based resources and opportunities to all those who are interested in acquiring knowledge on Agama Sastra which is the primary source and authority for worship, ritual, tradition, culture and temple construction.


Agama Academy would actively employ both traditional methods and modern technology and ensure that the vast resource of knowledge and experience on Agama Sastra, one of the world's oldest living religious practices of Tamils, are preserved and made accessible for generations to come.

Agama Academy would enable Agama education easily and effectively through the web to millions of Sivachariars and Priest all over the world who seeks to maintain the Agama rules pertaining to the observances of religious rites, rituals, temple worship and festivals.

Agama Academy would establish an e-learning portal and publish on-line Course materials, Tutorials, CBTs to learn Agama Sastra and Sanskrit through Grantha Script.

Agama Academy would help and encourage research scholars, students of various branches of studies (Veda, Agama, Science, Engineering, Technology, Medical, Philosophy, Religion, History, Sanskrit and other Languages etc) to carry out project, thesis and research work on Veda, Agama Sastra and Grantha Script.

Agama Academy would Propagate Hindu Philosophical and Spiritual knowledge, mental discipline through Agama Sastra.



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