Mamandur Sri Rajarathina Sivachariar Education, Research & Charitable Trust

While India is becoming a world leader in the new forms of knowledge as embodied in the hard sciences, much of India’s traditional wisdom and heritage are in danger of being lost. The Indian subcontinent holds an immense treasury of manuscripts and orally transmitted knowledge grounded in the unique experiences and universal wisdom of its sages, yogis, and philosophers. Due to the disappearance of traditional patronage, the pressure of globalization and the ravages of a harsh climate on fragile palm-leaf and delicate paper manuscripts, much of this knowledge and the traditions that hold it have not only fallen into obscurity but are in danger of being lost to the world forever.

In order to preserve these ancient traditions, philosophical wisdom, treasures and values, as a resource for humanity, a non-profit charitable organization has been established by Sivasri M.V. Rajarathina Sivachariar on the occasion of his Sathabhishekam on Friday Sarvadhari Vaikasi 31st day (June 13, 2008), in the name of Mamandur Sri Rajarathina Sivachariar Education, Research & Charitable Trust.

The founder and promoters have also been motivated by pious wishes, desire and benevolent consideration for suffering of the ailing poor peoples is desirous of creating this trust for the purpose of and to provide health care to weaker section of the society.

The trust shall focus on two major activities:

  • Education & Research on Veda and Agama Sastra
  • Health Care, Social Welfare & Community Development.

The Board of Trustees

Sri. M.V. Rajarathina Sivachariar

Sri. M R Ravi Vaidyanaat Sivachariar

Sri. M K Karunanithi Gurukkal

Sri. M R Baskara Sivachariar

Smt. M R Himalini Sandhya

Sri. R. Ramanadha Sivam

Education & Research on Veda and Agama Sastra

Since the beginning of Humanity, man has believed in certain power that governs the universe and he has felt a need to worship it. However, it was difficult for him to conceive of a power with no form or face.

Hence Worship and prayers have been carried out from time immemorial in various formats to invoke Grace and Joy in the lives of people. Some of these formats have been individual and personalized while others have been group initiatives like collective prayers and satsangs. Every ancient religion has adherence to such formats.

Cleansing of the atmosphere, Cleansing of the physical and psychic bodies, Awakening of auspicious energies, Enabling mystical experiences, Invoking grace of God in our Lives were prevalent in ancient cultures and religious groups in one way or the other.

Agama Sastra is one of the age-old sacred rituals to invoke and propitiate various energies (deities) for the attainment of various wishes and boons in the materialistic and the spiritual worlds as well. This sacred Agama Sastra has been preserved and practiced by Sivachariars, Mutt heads, Priest since ages.

These Sivachariars and Priest living in different parts of the world, in order to preserve their cultural identity and observe their ancient traditions, treasures and values, need to maintain familiarity with Agama Sastra and be knowledgeable about their rich heritage. Recognizing this fact and to meet the emerging needs of the community and others interested in Agama Sastra, which is the primary source and authority for ritual, temple construction and worship Agama Academy has been established.

Agama Academy would actively employ both traditional methods and modern technology and ensure that the vast resource of knowledge and experience on Agama Sastra, one of the world's oldest living religious practices of Tamils, are preserved and made accessible for generations to come.

Agama Academy would Propagate Hindu Philosophical and Spiritual knowledge, mental discipline through Agama Sastra.

Agama Academy would enable Agama education easily and effectively through the web to millions of Sivachariars, Priest all over the world who seeks to maintain the Agama rules pertaining to the observances of religious rites, rituals, temple worship and festivals.

Agama Academy will establish an e-learning portal and publish on-line Course materials, Tutorials, CBTs to learn Agama Sastra and Sanskrit through Grantha Script and offer web-based certification programs.

The digital library & on-line books section shall include all Sacred Hindu Literature collection including Agamas, Paddhatis, Prayogas, Prathista vidhi, Mahotsava vidhi, Dyana slokas, Archana, Sahasranama, etc.

Agama Academy would publish research papers, case studies, journals, magazines on Agama Sastra.

Agama Academy would help and encourage research scholars, students of various branches of studies (Veda, Agama, Science, Engineering, Technology, Medical, Philosophy, Religion, History, Sanskrit and other Languages etc) to carry out project, thesis and research work on Veda, Agama Sastra and Grantha Script.

Agama Academy would create link among various Agama Patasalas and relationship with Hindu Religious departments of government and private organization.

Agama Academy would also sign MOU with various Universities, Institutions and Research Organisations.

Agama Academy would put all the effort to develop software applications based on Grantha Script.